Post-Doctoral Fellows

The announcement for up to (6) Postdoctoral Fellowships for the two upcoming SAMSI Research Programs in 2018-19 have been posted:

1) Program on Statistical, Mathematical, and Computational Methods for Precision Medicine (PMED)

  • PMED:  Precision Medicine seeks to develop evidence-based approaches to “personalizing” treatment to the characteristics of individual patients, thereby providing health care professionals with informed and principled decision support. This emerging field has become a central focus of the nation’s health sciences research agenda.

2) Model Uncertainty: Mathematical and Statistical (MUMS)

  • MUMS: Mathematical models intended for computational simulation of complex real-world processes are a crucial ingredient in virtually every field of science, engineering, medicine, and business. Two related but independent phenomena have led to the near-ubiquity of models: the remarkable growth in computing power, and the matching gains in algorithmic speed and accuracy. Together, these factors have vastly increased the applicability and reliability of simulation, not only by drastically reducing simulation time, thus permitting solution of larger and larger problems, but also by allowing simulation of previously intractable problems.Statistical models similarly play a crucial role in modeling real-world processes in virtually every field of science, engineering, medicine, and business. The recent explosion in the availability of data, and the computing power to deal with it, have only increased their centrality. Statistical models tend to be used for modeling processes for which there is abundant data, while math models tend to be developed for data-poor environments, although there are many exceptions.

Applicants for a SAMSI Postdoctoral Fellowship should have a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, statistics or another highly quantitative discipline related to the program area. The Ph.D. should have been received no earlier than 2018, and the applicant should not have any prior postdoc appointments. The deadline for full consideration is December 1, 2017, although later applications will be considered as resources permit.

For full details on this position description and to apply, go to, SAMSIPD2018 Job #10496

SAMSI is an AA/equal opportunity employer All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, especially women and members of minority groups.